Seal Bay Nature Park

Seal Bay is a winner with a network of multi-use trails in a beautiful forest along the oceanside. There are 9 marked routes varying from 365M to 10.8KM. The park is big enough to run for hours and not get bored, but small enough to go for a short walk/jog. Pet friendly, child friendly, amazing park! 

Cell service is spotty, down an app such as TrailForks in advance if you are concerned about getting lost, but the signage is decent and fairly easy to find your way out (it may not be the exit you want though!).

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Hills and Long Trail Runs

Cumberland Community Forest

Look no further than the Cumberland Forest Trail Network! Designed for mountain bikers but open to hiking/running, these amazing trails are maintained by United Riders of Cumberland.

Plenty of features – bridges, boardwalks, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, potholes and plenty of variety of terrain. 

Cell service is pretty good throughout the whole network, but highly recommend using a trail app like Trailforks or Alltrails. 

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Mt. Becher – 11.6KM / 703M Out and Back

Short run with good elevation, beautiful views and lots of technical terrain. You get a little bit of everything on this route and it’s short enough that you can make it a hike and still get it done in a decent time. I haven’t snowshoed it, but lots of people do. It gets a lot of traffic by Comox Valley standards, so lots of space from people but you won’t be alone during peak season. 

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Albert Edward – 39.9KM / 1,723M Out and Back

Vancouver Island’s 5th highest peaks and incredibly accessible! This is a fantastic hike or run depending on your fitness, but be smart – this is in the wilderness and alpine, no cell service and no services. Lots of people camp out in Strathcona Park and make it a 2-3 day adventure, Circlet Lake is a great location right along the route, but there are a lot of options. 

When I ran this, I logged 33.3KM / 1,513M, but there are some different route options so plan ahead and be prepared.

Fantastic trail, highly recommended!

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Boston Ridge & Mt Becher – 30KM / 1,546M

This is a challenging route with plenty of climbing and amazing views! I did this run from the Comox Lake Damn which adds on a little, but you can access it from Forbidden Plateau area to make it a little shorter. 

Last time I was there, it was grown over in a lot of areas so make sure you have a route saved in your watch or gps. Little cell service. 

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